Cibubur is in Jakarta

Why the hell there are some idiots that thought Cibubur isn’t part of Jakarta? If Cibubur not part of Jakarta, how come my address is Cibubur, Jakarta Timur 13720. Not that I’m proud of Jakarta, I’m not too excited live in Jakarta, especially if Jakarta have a cagey governor, Sutiyoso.

When Jakarta drowning by flood in 2002, people request Sutiyoso to resign his position, and I still remember what Sutiyoso said in TV to defend himself. He said “Saya tidak akan berhenti dari posisi gubernur Jakarta jika Jakarta masih banjir (I won’t resign from governor position if Jakarta still have flood)”. And he did!!! He never resigns from his position, by keeping Jakarta having flood again in 2007! Almost all over Jakarta drowning, many people cannot go work because their house is drowning or the flood also blocked their access to office. And no wonder another Sutiyoso’s big plan, “Transjakarta Bus Way” that has been recently launched suddenly stopped their operation when flood attacks.

Thank God Cibubur is safe from the big flood, although it was isolated because every access to Jakarta is drowning. Maybe some idiots don’t admit that Cibubur is part of Jakarta because Cibubur is not drowning from flood. That’s why people thought that Jatiwaringin or Jatiasih are part of Jakarta because that place definitely attacked by flood, whereas it isn’t part of Jakarta but it is in West Java.

People sometime mixed up between Cibubur and Cileungsi. Cibubur is in East Jakarta, while Cileungsi is in Depok that is in West Java. But not everybody known Cileungsi, so people in Cileungsi usually said that they live in Cibubur. And also because many real estate in Cileungsi using the word Cibubur to locate their place, such as Kota Wisata, Legenda Wisata, Raffles, Sriwedari, The Address etc, they usually adding the word Cibubur in their real estate name. Plaza Cibubur and Cibubur Junction, these two big shopping malls also using the word Cibubur, but actually both of it are domicile in West Java not Jakarta.

Even Cibubur did not experience how to overcome flood, I still have empathy to those people that their home is drowning by flood. While Sutiyoso just laughing and said that flood is usual, because flood not only attack Jakarta but also attacked other city in Indonesia. Wow, how could he said that and defend himself about his disability maintaining Jakarta to be a beautiful city. He doesn’t event make effort to prevent Jakarta from flood and make this catastrophe to be a usual routine event.

So, do I proud to be Jakarta’s citizen? I don’t think so, but what can I say, Cibubur is still part of Jakarta… Like it or not, I’m still living in Jakarta.


10 Responses to Cibubur is in Jakarta

  1. KupluK says:

    The fact, Cibubur is in East Jakarta. 😀
    Logically, “Ci”bubur, is common name from West Java.
    So possibly for some people who don’t know its location will tell it isn’t part of Jakarta.
    But well, considering from its position from Jakarta, i will tell it’s part of “Jakarta Pinggiran” :p

    btw, i prefer this blue layout 😉

    • Endah says:

      Oke deh.. berarti menurut Mr. Kupluk ini Cilandak, Cililitan, Cilincing, Ciracas dan Cijantung masuk wilayah Jawa Barat ya?

      Waduh kayaknya gue perlu update perkembangan terbaru nih…

  2. BuRuNG says:

    Is there any such thing called pride.. living in a big village crowded by uncivilized inhabitants and those sweet-smiling bandits, and led by a public-acclaimed moron and has “water world” activities as their annual ritual??

    Certainly I prefer Depok!

  3. Tan Ah Beng says:

    I was there, in Cibubur. There were million of unforgettable memories.

    It should doesn’t matter where I like to live and life, as long as there is no “topeng” I should wear.

    But, I do prefer to comeback to my kampuang nan jaoh di mato. Where I can meet myself. Where I can face the mirror in the wall and found the truth of myself.

  4. ehmm yea.. it a bit confusing if somebody don’t know if cibubur exactly part of jaktim. Actually i was also think that cibubur is past of west java because of the “ci”-bubur. But glad im know now. 😀

  5. Endah says:

    Karena Ci- ?
    Jadi selama ini Cijantung, Cilandak, Cililitan itu letaknya di mana mas?

    • 😀 for cilandak of course we know already, that it is a jakarta part. But really, cibubur i always know it as jabar part…

    • Something like cianjur.. And most of the “ci” is belong to jabar. 😉

      • Endah says:

        seringkali orang tertukar antara cileungsi dan cibubur karena letaknya berdekatan. Bahkan perumahan real estate banyak menggunakan nama Cibubur padahal secara lokasi sudah masuk di wilayah Cileungsi.

        Kalau Cibubur letaknya di Jawa Barat kenapa kode posnya Jakarta 13720?

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