Inspired with ridiculous story that I watched this evening in TV, I am wondering what couple is. At first, since my childhood I thought couple is a pair of people that love each other, know each other – I mean really know each other, from the way of thinking, attitude, personality and what is inside their partner’s heart, so they never miss anything about their partner -, care about each other, support each other and tolerate each other if one of them making mistake.

But in this movie, many surprising scenes came up. I don’t know which one is the couple, this movie consist of 3 role, 2 actresses and 1 actor. Does this movie tell us about Love Triangle? I don’t think so. Cause the actresses are in love with each other, and also in love with the man, but one of the actresses is the man’s wife. The man is in love with both actresses. One actress want to kill someone, I little bit confused which one she want to kill. The movie also make us wondering, which one will defend whom. At the end they kill each other, only 1 role is survive, that is wife that have physical disability.

I don’t know what the moral of this movie is. But it makes me realize that my thought about couple is really wrong. Couple is full of mystery, if only mystery it does not make me paranoid, but what about if couple full of backstabbing each other? Because in many cases (including my own experience) inharmonious couple, at the end can be opponent of each other, they become enemy if they don’t have strong foundation in their relationship.

Asal nulis nih, siapa tahu akhirnya gue dapet ijin masang Ad sense kalo nulis linggis. Jadi harap maklum kalo linggisnya brantakan ya…


3 Responses to Couple

  1. Panglima says:

    When we talk about couple then we talk about love and care. Without both of them, then there is nothing. Even two people have some feeling, it may not enough to tell that both of them are in love and in the position to care each other. Love without care may only will hurt one party. And one more, love and care will work only when there is enough responsibility among the parties. Love and care are very simple, but sometimes we make it become so difficult to understand, even by ourself 😉

    Sorry for my linggis, at least it did not hurt somebody 😉

  2. Jenderal says:

    no, it hurts me :((
    ouch, somebody please help me..i’m bleeding..don’t use linggis again, please..

    /me dying

  3. BuRuNG says:

    no love for my age, but lust??

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